VirtualBox 6 and OpenBSD 7.0: How to create a vm

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The post is about how to create a OpenBSD vm with Oracle VM VirtualBox briefly with some screenshots.


Create a new machine

Start VirtualBox and click “New”.

create a new machine 1

Enter detail of the machine. (Besides, I used “Expert mode” instead of “Guided mode”.)

create a new machine 2

Click “Create”.

create a new machine 3

Defining the machine has been completed.

Attach installer media in settings

Next, let’s prepare for installation of OpenBSD. You have to download the IOS image beforehand.

Go to “Settings” of the machine.

attach installer media 1

Attach the ISO to “Storage”.

attach installer media 2

attach installer media 3

OK. Ready.

(Optional) Configure others such as network if necessary

For example, Port forwarding in Advanced enables SSH or FTP with NAT network easily.

configure network

Start vm to install

At last the time to install it has come.

start vm to install 1

The procedure is almost the same to another way.

start vm to install 2

Detach media when installation completed

When the installation is finished, reboot and power off the vm. Then detache the ISO.

media detached

Then restart the vm. You will see sweet output and nice greetings from them.

Enjoy your vm

OpenBSD vm is running

Happy virtualizing 😊


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