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OpenBSD is an open-source UNIX-like operating system (OS), one of whose features is "proactive security", developed by The OpenBSD project. (Predominantly by volunteers and in part funded by The OpenBSD Foundation.)
They have developed not only the OS but also important softwares such as LibreSSL and OpenSSH which are also adopted in other OSes.

We are more-than-15-year experienced ICT developers, using OpenBSD as servers for years as a third-party vendor. With gratitude, we have donated at releases since 6.7.

Our services

  • Consulting on managing or building OpenBSD servers
  • Managed hosting
  • Service development

At releases, the OS version of our servers will be upgraded to the latest as soon as possible.
Full disk encryption is applied to most of them.

Each of pricing is due to the order. We will make clear estimate, through communication as needed, before contract.

Consulting on managing or building OpenBSD servers

Feel free to contact us for help by experienced specialists.

The below is a series of major examples.

Managed Hosting

Server locations are selectable

  • Japan (primary)
  • Swiss

Available servers

  • Web

    OpenBSD's httpd / relayd
  • Email

    OpenSMTPD + Dovecot
  • Database

    MariaDB, PostgreSQL

Available systems

  • Content Management System (CMS)

    WordPress, Drupal, Headless alternatives
  • Customized service

    Programming languages / frameworks which are available are below.

Service development

Programming languages / frameworks

  • PHP + Symfony
  • Rust + Axum|Actix


Consulting and Support with/on OpenBSD
by experienced specialists of Scqr Inc.

We are thankfully listed on JAPAN section on OpenBSD's official "Support and Consulting" page.


Inquiry is welcomed. Contact form is here.


Feel free to contact us for help by experienced specialists.

The below is a series of major examples. Solution with another kind or another environment can be produced when asked.


Pricing for managed hosting

6,930 JPY - / month

The above is the minimum. It depends on servers and services on them, and also the scale, the complexity and what to operate / maintain / monitor on each.

Content Management System (CMS)

We can host websites to offer or post information / improve brand / promote sales. Also, portal sites for companies or membership sites. Addtitionally, we will participate in designing, development or migration from other servers, when ordered.

Primary offers (recommended)

  • WordPress
  • Drupal

Others available

  • Headless alternatives


Customized service on OpenBSD is available.

Primary offers (recommended)

  • Symfony with PHP
  • Axum|Actix with Rust

Others available

  • Django with Python
  • Go
  • Haskell


Primary offers

  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL

Others available

  • MongoDB
  • SQLite


Servers are driven by OpenBSD's httpd / relayd. Although they are not the fastest, they are secure and stable.

In order to improve the delivery performance, we use CDN, content delivery network, effectively as to public assets.


We know there are other candidates such as Nginx, Apache, Lighttpd and Caddy, none of which we use as production for now.


OpenSMTPD, the default MTA (message transfer agent) of OpenBSD, is available combined with Dovecot as MDA (message delivery agent) from OpenBSD's Ports package system.
Security measures such as data transmission encryption and SPF / DKIM / DMARC etc. are taken.

Chat / Storage / Version Control / Issue Tracker

We have built the service environments. However, they are in experimental stage.


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